Model: CWA+3TF-SV
Fully Automatic High Speed T-shirt Type Garbage Bag Making Machine with In-line 3 Folding Unit by Servo Motors Control

CWA+3TF-SV series are special designed machines which can produce 3 times folding T-shirt type garbage bags (Japanese style). They are very beneficial for customers as they will help to save on labor cost, reducing electric power consumption and less air is required for the entire machine.
With in-line 3 times folding unit, each folding is controlled by servo motor to have precise folding and workers simply just need to put final folded products into packaging bags. Moreover, T-shirt type punching unit is controlled by servo motor with heating system to ensure stable punching pressure for thin and thicker bags. CWA+3TF-SV is not only equipped with German made photocell-SICK for printed bags but also with 5 sets of servo motors for high and smooth production.

More features of the machines are listed below:
  • Japan made servo motor & servo driver control bag length precisely and stable speed, reducing electric power consumption.
  • Bag length and production speed can be changed easily from touch screen.
  • German made photocell-SICK for accurate printing mark position.
  • In-line customized T-shirt type punching mold with heating system and controlled by servo motor.
  • Waste collecting device.
  • Auto 3 times folding units are controlled by servo motor.
  • Quantity of each stack can be set from touch screen.
  • Machine stops automatically when:
    (1)Film is finished (2)Temperature is below the setting (3)Bags jammed.