Automatic High Speed Triangle Folding & Rewinding Machine with Servo Motor Control
Model: CWSY-800-SV / CWSY-1000-SV / CWSY-1200-SV

Machine CWSY-SV is widely used for various single sheet plastic film rolls folding to one side open rolls, with maximum line speed 125 meter/min, made of HDPE, LDPE, PP, and especially CPP, OPP and BOPP. After folding single sheet plastic film into one side open rolls, workers can leave the folded rolls for few days to shape the edge. This process is very important for PP, CPP, OPP and BOPP film, because if workers take the newly folded rolls to bag making machines, the edge will pop out after sealing and cutting since the edge is not stable yet, especially side sealed bags.

This stand-alone triangle folding machine will be very beneficial to factories which have table covers and side sealed bags productions. It can also be used to fold gusseted film rolls to use for star sealed bags.

More features of CWSY-SV are listed below:

Suitable for HDPE, LDPE, PP, CPP, OPP and BOPP film folding

Auto lift up system for jumbo roll

Auto tension control system by AC motor

E.P.C. (Edge Position Control), German made.

Digital meter counting roller device

Air shafts for unwinding and rewinding unit.

Machine auto stops when film broken or finished

Rewinding by servo motor control

Folding single layer sheet & rewinding into one side open roll

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