CW-1100P4-SV / CW-1200P4-SV
Super High Speed Fully Automatic 2 or 4 Lines T-shirt Bag Making Machine with 2 Photocells and 2 Servo Motors Control

  • Japan made servo motor & driver control bag length precisely and high speed production, reducing electric consumption
  • Bag length & speed can be changed easily from touch screen
  • German made photocell-SICK for accurate printing mark
  • Machine body is made of thick steel frame for stability at high speed operation
  • Automatic lift up reel unwinder with air shaft, reducing the number of employees
  • Automatic tension control for jumbo diameter reels
  • In-line hydraulic punching machine with bag folding device and Japan made sensors for accurate bags punching and folding position
  • Punch-out scraps are collected by conveyor for recycling
  • Produce 2 different bag sizes with similar length and thickness at the same time.
  • Machine stops automatically when: Bag jammed / Film finished or broken / Temperature below setting

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